Plaid On Flannel is an alternative indie blues rock act from Toronto, Canada. With over 80 original songs recorded since 2011, singer-songwriter Nolan Randall has remained the sole constant member of the band. POF's brand of rock music is characterized by guitar riffs/solos, catchy melodies, vocal harmonies, memorable hooks, evocative lyrics, & superb musicianship.

While keeping originality and songwriting quality as top priorities, here are POF's main rock and roll influences: Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, R.E.M., Wolfmother, Rush, System Of A Down, Led Zeppelin, & many more. In a world that needs rock and roll so bad in the 2020s, Plaid On Flannel continues to grow a loyal fan base across the globe. With aspirations of touring in the future.

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