POF In Studio – 11/28/15 & 12/05/15

The band hit their secret studio in the late fall of 2015 with producer Ruben Huizenga to record 6 songs because we’re from the #6ix

This EP will capture the essence of what we sound like in concert!

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PoF heads to the studio this weekend

This Saturday, we’re going to start recording our EP. We’ve handpicked 6 songs that we’re pleased with. One of them being “Siege Of Megiddo”. What do you know, we came across an article in this month’s Discover magazine about the origins of Megiddo and new revelations regarding the ancient location. The “Battle Of Megiddo” took place in 1457 BC. It’s the first recorded battle in the history of mankind between Canaan and Egypt in which the Egyptians were victorious. This location is now part of Israel. We do not condone war or violence. This song was written to illustrate how even after nearly 3,500 years, the human race are still fighting wars and killing each other when it’s never the right answer.
Siege of Megiddo

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